Bebinca is the Queen of Goan sweets.

This traditional Goan dessert also known as Bibik or Bebinka is a blissful mix of plain flour, sugar, ghee, egg yolk, and coconut milk.

Fabs Bebinca is recreated daily in Ribandar from one of the oldest Goan recipes and baked on site using only the freshest ingredients with absolutely no preservatives. This home-made Goan delicacy adds the perfect finishing touch to your celebrations.

About Traditional Bebinca Cake Mix

There is no secret to Fabs Bebinca. Our Bebinca recipe consists of a blissful mix of eggs, coconut milk, maida, sugar, ghee with large quantities of sweet Goan love. Bebinca is best served hot with a scoop of vanilla ice cream.

Reasons to Celebrate

  1. Celebrate Silly Anniversaries
    Toast to 'other' sort of anniversaries like the 1st time you held hands in public, the day he gave you his email id password, the day your parents caught you two getting dirty, your first kiss with a slice of Fabs Bebinca
  2. Celebrate break ups
    Let's face it, breakups need to be celebrated sometimes. Whether it was a just an overall worthless individual or a painful end to a relationship, gather your besties together and gorge on a Fabs Bebinca.
  3. Celebrate Late Nights
    When it's late and you need a sugar jolt to help you stay awake to celebrate your favorite football team’s win then you need a companion better known as the queen of Goan sweets- Bebinca.
  4. Celebrate 'Moving On Out'
    Sometimes it just feels right to celebrate someone exiting your life. Whether it's a lame friend, crappy boss or annoying neighbors finally moving on out, this calls for a celebration. It calls for a Fabs Bebinca
  5. Celebrate 'half-anything' party
    It's a half-celebration, it's Party Time! Cos it's your half birthday, half anniversary, half day at work, half pants day or anything half. If it's a half celebration then you should call for a full Bebinca!
  6. Celebrate 'Friend in Goa' party
    Everytime your good friend visits Goa and cannot stop boasting about his country/kids/job/travel stories, share a slice of Bebinca with him. Should shut him up for some time.
  7. Celebrate 'Siesta' Time
    When afternoon equals Siesta you know how to celebrate it. Ensure sweet dreams by satisfying your sweet tooth with a slice of Fabs Bebinca every time the clock strikes 'Siesta'.


Peter Braganza

"When in Goa try the Bebinca…Try Fabs Bebinca. The Bebinca simply melted in my mouth, and I could experience the richness of butter and coconut blended in the layered pudding. You must be thinking that I am exaggerating about the sweet but believe me this was indeed one of the most scrumptious desserts I have ever had and if you are traveling to Goa or planning a trip, then you should definitely try Bebinca."

Chef Rego

"If it’s Bebinca for my customers then it must be Fabs Bebinca. We chefs call it the ‘Queen of Goan desserts’ and it is the only distinctive Goan dessert. Desserts from Goa like the Dodol are similar to the Indian Halwa (except the Dodol uses jaggery instead of sugar) but Bebinca is truly unique to Goa. I’m not sure if I will ever eat a more delicious Bebinca ever. That explains why many hotels, Goans & travelers prefer Fabs Bebinca."

Floyd Pereira
– Owner T-Centre

"My customers love Fabs Bebinca. I must say that we many of my customers would travel from opposite ends of Goa to pick a piece of this Bebinca. I can proudly recommend this product to all those visitors with a sweet tooth. The new packaging makes it perfect for gifting your loved ones a slice of Goa."

- Delicious Caterers

"Thank you so much for the time and care you put into crafting the perfect Bebinca everyday! The guests are delighted everytime with the Bebinca and so many of our guests commented on how it’s amazing this Bebinca tastes. It never lets us down."



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